Fundraising Basics

Everything you need to succeed!

Your team is required to raise a minimum of $2,500 in donations to participate in the 2020 Tournament. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll reach your goal.  It’s incredible how quickly donations grow!

We have a variety of strategies and fundraising ideas, both team and individual, that will help you not only reach your goal, but surpass it!   We’ve got the creativity covered, you just need a little elbow grease!

Get started now!

On-line fundraising:  

  1. Set up your team page with a photo.
  2. Organize your list of potential donors. Make a list of everyone you can ask & how you will contact them.
  3. Secure your first donations; ensure they are large ones to create a precedent for others to follow.
  4. Send individualemails, and make it personal!  Mass emails remove the responsibility of donating.  When you send an email to an individual, they are much more likely to notice and donate. Be sure to provide them with your individual GFH fundraising link!
  5. Get your social network involved through the various platforms you are on.
  6. Aim high! Set a reasonable goal to start, and increase it as you get closer to it.
  7. Follow up! Everyone is busy and may have missed your request. Remind them of how much you still need to raise and let them know their donation will make a big difference.
  8. Thank everyone who donates to you, and update them with your progress.  Everyone likes to be thanks and feel like they had an impact on your success.
  9. Organize some off-line fundraising activities as well.  See ideas below:


Offline fundraising ideas

Bake Sale
Hold a Bake Sale at the office.  Homemade goodies, especially specialty items (Sugar-free, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free) that can’t be picked up at a vending machine are especially popular.  And be sure to also have coffee and tea for sale.  Have each team member bring something different to have a nice variety!  Announce it ahead of time to ensure coworkers don't stop for a treat on the way to work.  And since it's for charity, most people won't mind spending a little more.

Mobile Dépanneur
Walk around the office at 2:30 pm with a trolley full of individual portion chips, chocolate bars, chocolate covered almonds, popcorn, sesame snaps, protein bars, juices, soft drinks, etc.  Supplies picked up in bulk at the grocery store cost much less so you can make easy profits!  One team racked up almost $500 in just one afternoon.  *Thanks for the great idea Isabella!

Pot luck lunch
Sign up at least 6 to 12 people to contribute dishes to ensure you have a nice variety. Contributors get a free lunch – everyone else gets a plate for $10.

Spring Cleaning Garage Sale
One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. Ask supporters to donate items that they’d ordinarily give away or sell on their own. Set up at your office cafeteria or a well-trafficked public space. You can add some baked goods if you can’t have a full on bake sale!

Gourmet Breakfast
Organize a Gourmet Breakfast on a Friday morning! Popular items include: Bagels with cream cheese and lox, Almond croissants, Nutella toast with bananas, Fruits & cottage cheese, Muffin & yogurt. Cost it out, create a menu with 2-3 options and take orders ahead of time, and presto… breakfast is served, and so are the profits!

Mother’s Day Flower Sale 
Partner with a local florist and sell flowers the Friday before.  Take orders ahead of time to ensure you don't overbuy!

Scavenger hunt
Organize a scavenger hunt and send participants running all around town. Stick to the classic scavenger hunt where people have to find and collect items or go digital and have individuals or teams simply take a picture of an item or location. For the digital version, each person or team will need a smart phone or digital camera as well as a cardboard sign with their name to prove they aren’t using stock photos.

Charge a registration fee in advance and offer a head start or hints in exchange for extra donations on the day of the hunt. Assign bonus points for the individual or team who collects the most trash and recyclables as they explore your city.

Challenge to Give It Up
To demonstrate how the smallest donation can make a difference, ask fundraisers to give up a daily beverage or meal and donate the money they would have spent to your fundraising initiative.  It can be a coffee, soft drink, cookie or donut. If you ask them to give up something that’s not too healthy, everyone wins!

Host a Karaoke Night / Trivia Night
Ask a local karaoke club to host a charity night, or get a pub to host a trivia night on a slow evening and round up your supporters for a night out that supports a great cause.  To save on expenses, pick up trivia games at garage sales – you just need the question cards!

If you can guarantee a crowd then the venue may agree to share a portion of their food and drink proceeds with the charity. Nothing encourages business like being a socially responsible company.

Local businesses / service providers will donate prizes to support a good cause as it helps promote their establishment and help a charity they believe in. If you can get your hands on a few nice prizes, offer your coworkers and friends the chance to win!

Half and Half Draw
Always a favorite… 5$ for 1 ticket - $10 for 3 - $20 for 7 - the more participants, the more the pot grows! Half for the winner, half for the charity!

Plant Sale
Coordinate with the "Green Thumb in your group to offer a spring starter plant sale. Post fliers around the office/neighborhood offering plant/vegetable starter kits for donations.


Good luck and have fun! 

Let us know about your events by posting them on social media and tagging us!  And don’t forget to add your donation link… you never know how many more donations your efforts may secure.